THE WALDORF PROJECT:COLOUR The Waldorf Project is an immersive experience on a grand stage in which art is consumed through all of the senses. The experience unites the senses through food, scent, drink, movement, sound, and environment. The key to this concept is the synergy between the various aspects of the event and the imaginations of the creative team: a food designer, a choreographer, a production designer, a costume designer, a sommelier, and a sound designer, all being directed and orchestrated by artist Sean Rogg. Chapter Two/COLOUR ran for seven nights in February 2015 with only 48 guests per night.
CHAPTER TWO / COLOUR Chapter Two delve into colour beyond the visual, creating several monochromatic environments in which the atmosphere, emotions and sheer power of colour saturation are explored. Staged in an enormous set, the guests experience what it feels like to eat, smell, hear and touch colour. At its zenith a new art form is realized.














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